Here We Go. The About Me Page. Normally I say “There isn’t much to say about me.”, but in truth there is. And here it is :

I was born in Grand Island, NE where I still currently live and work. I was born on October 13th, 1981. I’ve always been a large person, I forget the numbers right off hand but I hear it every-time my folks feel the need to explain why I love pasta so much.

I graduated from Grand Island Senior High with the Class of 2000. I really haven’t done much with my life except dream of greatness and not do anything to get there. In 2002 I got my first of many wake up calls in my late teens, early twenties, my cousin died. The story and details behind his death are something of a enraging story so I’ll skip the details. Needless to say it got me to get a real job. I got my start in factory work that fall, in Injection molding at Leon Plastics INC in Alda. I also turned 21 that fall, more on that later. I climbed the latter at Leon’s for 5 years, leaving as a Setup tech, able to set and clam molds by eye, program machines and lots of forklift training. Now I know this isn’t the elite of programing and I’m learning how to improve my computer skills beyond HTML and low (very low end) OS X programing. Now I currently work at Hornady Manufacturing, building reloading presses and tools. A step down in labor, but a hell of an increase in skills.

Nearly all of my closest friends work at Hornady and That makes for fun and very interesting days at work. I’ll just list names, if you want their stories, I’ll get on them about writing that book, cause a few of them could have some best sellers for a life story that only covers a 30 year old or younger person. Andy, Kenny, Timmy all work in various departments at the plant.

Dace got smart and got out of GI. He also got married, as I did. Unlike him, my marriage is at an end. Thats right, this part is new to the story of GraveYardNova, but you can just call me Nova. My real name, if you haven’t stopped by my Facebook or Pownce, is Chris Cynova.

I’m now a 26 year old man, looking for a cheep place to live with no plans of giving up on life. I still have plans for returning to college, Making new life goals and following a few of the closer to earth dreams of mine. My soon to be ex-wife and I plan to stay on good terms.

NOW! For those of you getting mad at me for not telling the whole of any story touched on here on the “About Me” page, I’ll just tell you this: My wife and I are WAY to different. Its just that simple. I’m a Computer nerd, gaming junkie who doesn’t go out or even drink as much as I used to. She enjoys going out on the weekends and likes to dance, and if you know ANYTHING about me, dancing is not something I do (even more so now that I hardly drink).

Back to that 21 part, when I turned 21, I got lucky enough to get a job at the then named club, City Limits (now known as the Tank) as a DJ. I also was a bouncer on some nights. It was there I met my other tubby brother from another mother, Stuff. He taught me to DJ like no other. I rocked that job with Dace for just under 2 years. From there my weekends were ruined by another DJ job. I got hooked on karaoke. Working nights (hence GraveYardNova, more on that in a bit) got me lucky enough to have friday night and saturday night FREE! So friday was not only Hawaiian shirt night, but it was also Karaoke night at our local watering hole, the Huddle in West Side Lanes. For nearly 4 years we turned that place from a bowling alley bar into a pre City limits hang out location. For those of you scratching your heads after that comment, the formula for going out in Grand Island is as follows: Set a time to meet up with your boys (or your girls) for a pre bender meal. During the meal a start location for all hopping is set, or the location you normally rock before going to the club to find some hot chicks (or guys) to take home (or wherever you take people, I’ve seen some STRANGE places) for the not so respected one nighter. If your anything like my friends and I, we would normally stay at the karaoke spot since after midnight the place would clear up and we got more sing time! EPIC SCORE!

Back to the story at hand, After I left CIty, I got a job running karaoke for a local group for 2 years. I’ve heard some of the greatest singing as well as ALOT of very SHITTY singing.

Those days are over sadly for some, good for others. 2 of my friends are now clean and sober, and I fully respect that. I also had to clean up, but I didn’t take the recovery route, since I felt I had more self control of what needed to change. Here I am now, able to control when I want to drink and how much. Last time I got “hammered” was around last thanksgiving. I do long for the old days, but thats what great memories are for and thats part of the reason I feel I need to tell this story in it’s screwed up manner.

So thats really what there is to say about me. I do what I need to and what I want to. I’d change things if I could, but hey, who wouldn’t?

From here I would like to say if it were not for the help of my friends and family I would have gone nowhere for sure. Picking up and starting over is never easy, but I feel i have along time to accomplish a lot, and with all of the inspirations I have in this world, something is bound to happen. I’d throw up links to my folks respective web spaces, but they don’t have much of anything online (SHOCKER!!) but if your interested in anyone in my family, check out my sisters stuff, starting here:
MySpace or FaceBook.


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