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Alrighty then folks, You may or may not have noticed the new page up at the top there. Its cool, the new design of the blog might have thrown you off a bit. So check out the About me page everyone and no one was waiting for! Give it a read if you got 20 minutes to kill or so. ENJOY!

Also I added links to my other internet type things, on the right side of the page there, check them out!


Updating Sucks.

So I know i’ve been really behind on updating the old blog here, but last week was the week from hell at work and i’ll most likely not be getting my raise for my one year this week (another pay period screwed). But i’ll admit, if i could post updates from my ipod touch, i’d be a little more up to task on things here. I plan on getting back on top of things here, including links to local goings on in the central Nebraska area. Live long and prosper!

Nova Out!!