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Facebook, Epic Ganking, iTunes abuse, and Fireworks!

Been a long week of not doing a damn thing here so lets ULEASH THE FURY!!

Been your average week of work and gaming, filled in with lawn mowing and writing (I’m working 3 different comic ideas!). Got my “Here’s more money from us, please fix our mess” check from our fantastic government and with it, a very sweet upgrade to my Vista box’s monitor! I’m now rocking a 19″ Widescreen from LG. Plus I still have money to spare!!!

Pryo patch came out for TF2 and The [GoMFL] guys and I ganked us some new fire issues. Speaking of fire, its that time of year folks, TIME TO BLOW UP A WATERMELON!!! More on that later next week.

I abused some of my communication privileges this week and used the fairly sweet ipod touch itunes store to start buying various albums, off break time! Quick review, the new Shinedown album….. BUY IT! This one blows the second album away (granted that wouldn’t take much, but its the principle of the notion or some shit like that).

And Finally…. Facebook. I’ve been playing with this social networking tool for a while now and some how amassed 120 f*#king app requests in a 3 month span! Much like real life, I ONLY HAVE 5 FRIENDS!! DAMN! I kid, I have at least 14 real friends 😉 ! So I finally sat down and added them all so I can go to the home page and not see that GARGANTUAN list of requests I had!

Thats about it for now folks, more pictures and a new (much better video than the last one) video with exploding watermelon coming soon.