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Updating Sucks.

So I know i’ve been really behind on updating the old blog here, but last week was the week from hell at work and i’ll most likely not be getting my raise for my one year this week (another pay period screwed). But i’ll admit, if i could post updates from my ipod touch, i’d be a little more up to task on things here. I plan on getting back on top of things here, including links to local goings on in the central Nebraska area. Live long and prosper!

Nova Out!!


iPod Touch and WiFi Spot hunting….I need a new router!

So the government gave my wife and I some money back to working our rumps off. I promptly got my car loan ahead and some extra money put away for moving into a new place. My wife was reading along with me while i was at and she seen that Scott over there was ill, but updating his blog from his ipod touch. I had planed to go to Omaha (closest Apple store) to drop some warranty cash to trade in my nearly broken one (headphone jack is shot). She bought me an 8 gig iPod Touch!!! I promptly hacked it open and now since I have a few travels to make to day I will be looking for a hotspot since I still haven’t gotten a wifi router (its lazy on my behalf I know). I also plan to get some random GI pictures for my flickr account and maybe a video I can put up later with some tunes. After the running around is done I should have some time to put more of a polish to the site and get some drawing done! So Apple FTW! Rock Band still kicks ass, and my legs (DRUMS BABY!). That about covers it. Later All!