Noob Sauce Thrusday!!

Come join us for NST in Call of Duty 4 multiplayer! IP:, Normal port.

NST Rules:
No Simi or Fully Auto Weapons (SMGs, LMGs, and most of the Assult Rifles excluding G3 and M14, which is how you can rock a noob tube).

Rock the perks most servers kick people for, Last stand, marty, nade x3, noob tubes, and special x3!

SHOTGUNS! The soul of the Noob, shotguns are what we WANT to see, GOLD ones if you have them!!

Play like its your first day!!!!!

Find out more about us in Steam Groups, [GoMFL]

Frag ya later!!


1 Response to “Noob Sauce Thrusday!!”

  1. 1 graveyardnova
    July 17, 2008 at 6:53 pm

    And dont forget Sniper Tuesday!!

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