Oil prices hurt more than driving from one place to another, read on:

I would like to say the following on rising plastic’s prices: having worked in injection molding for 5 years, i can see the massive impact this is having. 3 major injection molding plants are in Nebraska, Before i left my job, which makes all of the internal parts, cup holders etc, for most for SUVs and trucks (even the unholy hummer arm rests), business was at nearly a standstill. The plant next door to ours made stuff for irrigation of fields, internal auto engine parts (you know, the ones that break when we try to fix them).

This is hurting jobs. Like everything with fuel for every damn car, truck, or what have you on the road, corn and soy oils could be, in theory, used to make plastics and should be. Sad truth, almost all plastics are still derived from crude oils. There is much to be said about how we as humans need to change things, and are just to afraid of taking chances. Afraid of losing money, product and adjusting to a greener world. The people in power are to afraid of losing their power.

For more evidence of fear of power loss, see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

Anyway, heres the article, On Oil Prices Hurting Plastic Companies, and please digg this, where this latest rant came from.

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