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Facebook, Epic Ganking, iTunes abuse, and Fireworks!

Been a long week of not doing a damn thing here so lets ULEASH THE FURY!!

Been your average week of work and gaming, filled in with lawn mowing and writing (I’m working 3 different comic ideas!). Got my “Here’s more money from us, please fix our mess” check from our fantastic government and with it, a very sweet upgrade to my Vista box’s monitor! I’m now rocking a 19″ Widescreen from LG. Plus I still have money to spare!!!

Pryo patch came out for TF2 and The [GoMFL] guys and I ganked us some new fire issues. Speaking of fire, its that time of year folks, TIME TO BLOW UP A WATERMELON!!! More on that later next week.

I abused some of my communication privileges this week and used the fairly sweet ipod touch itunes store to start buying various albums, off break time! Quick review, the new Shinedown album….. BUY IT! This one blows the second album away (granted that wouldn’t take much, but its the principle of the notion or some shit like that).

And Finally…. Facebook. I’ve been playing with this social networking tool for a while now and some how amassed 120 f*#king app requests in a 3 month span! Much like real life, I ONLY HAVE 5 FRIENDS!! DAMN! I kid, I have at least 14 real friends 😉 ! So I finally sat down and added them all so I can go to the home page and not see that GARGANTUAN list of requests I had!

Thats about it for now folks, more pictures and a new (much better video than the last one) video with exploding watermelon coming soon.



Summer, Summer Time!



Oil prices hurt more than driving from one place to another, read on:

I would like to say the following on rising plastic’s prices: having worked in injection molding for 5 years, i can see the massive impact this is having. 3 major injection molding plants are in Nebraska, Before i left my job, which makes all of the internal parts, cup holders etc, for most for SUVs and trucks (even the unholy hummer arm rests), business was at nearly a standstill. The plant next door to ours made stuff for irrigation of fields, internal auto engine parts (you know, the ones that break when we try to fix them).

This is hurting jobs. Like everything with fuel for every damn car, truck, or what have you on the road, corn and soy oils could be, in theory, used to make plastics and should be. Sad truth, almost all plastics are still derived from crude oils. There is much to be said about how we as humans need to change things, and are just to afraid of taking chances. Afraid of losing money, product and adjusting to a greener world. The people in power are to afraid of losing their power.

For more evidence of fear of power loss, see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

Anyway, heres the article, On Oil Prices Hurting Plastic Companies, and please digg this, where this latest rant came from.



Alrighty then folks, You may or may not have noticed the new page up at the top there. Its cool, the new design of the blog might have thrown you off a bit. So check out the About me page everyone and no one was waiting for! Give it a read if you got 20 minutes to kill or so. ENJOY!

Also I added links to my other internet type things, on the right side of the page there, check them out!



Just throwing this out to anyone who has read this and returns despite the wonderful youtube video i have up. Tomorrow is Noob Sauce Thursday! I’ll have posted here and on the [GoMFL] group page in Steam what CoD4 server we’re rocking. Join us for the craziness!




Happy 6/9 DAY!

Just the quick weekly post here folks! Almost all of the water has been removed from my grandfathers basement! Now the fun part, cleaning up the soaked cardboard boxes I have all of my junk from the last move!

In honer of 69 day, I would like to give you all a quote from my Friend Josh. This was coined in Team Fortress 2 last week while we played against the Olive Garden Clan (I’m dead serious here people). All of the clan members where rocking Names of menu items. One rocked some salad I cant recall right off hand, and had gone on a killing spree when he shot Josh. Josh said “Dude, I just got F*@ked by a salad!”.

For more on us and our clan [GoMFL] (Get off My F*@king Lawn)

For more on me through out the day, follow me on twitter

For everything else I’m a member of check out my links at Pownce

More on this blog coming soon! Have a good one all!

Nova OUT!



I’ve made it a point to update the blog more, so here we go! My grandfathers basement was altered this week with the large amounts of rain we have been getting lately. The bad side to this is that is where I currently reside! Image my surprise when I awoke to dry bed room and water soaked living/computer area! Thankfully all of my electrical items we not harmed save one power strip. Yesterday my Dad and I ripped out the carpet and discovered the newest workout fad! Moving soaked strips of carpet, while being soaked ourselves, climbing a full flight of stairs! I’ve never slept better!

In other news, our gaming group on Steam, the “GoMFL”….. “clan” is looking for new members to game, gank and solve puzzles! Not so sure on the puzzle thing… Anyhow, I just finished setting up an email over at gmail for sending in, well, apps to join our little rag tag group of nut jobs! If you are at all interested and rock Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty 4 (being on Steam, I of course mean the PC versions of these games), and or Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, then shoot us an email at! All we need is your Steam User Name (please be somewhat to fully active), Age, Location if you want, and a short reason you want to be called a nut job (more like a reason you wish to join our group).

As far as ganking goes, WoW is still cool. I think I’m going to go do that now!
Nova, OUT!

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