Moving on, trying out new things

Got me a real website (on a different service for now, might come back, we’ll see after a month.) for now im at Mindgasim. Check Me Out!


Omaha and Life

Up in Omaha chillin with the midget and his wife getting ready for the concert tomorrow. Flogging Molly W/Rehab, it’s gonna be sweet! Before the show gonna hang with my boy at the hospital for a few hours with some family. He’s doing better but still has a long way to go before he can come home. That’s all for now!
Nova OUT!

Went to the hospital sunday, spent 5 hours roughly with Zach, just reading stories and laying my hand on him, his great grand father from omaha finally got to see him as well as his great aunt. Also (soon to be seen on my flickr) his Aunt Laura finally got to get up close and hang with her new nephew! I got some along time with him again, we read stories for a while and he tried to yank his breathing tubes out (again, as he is quite the huddini according to the nurses) but also worked on his grip with my pinkie and ring fingers. Much more animated on sunday and finally having movements (i’ll leave it at that there, if you dont get it, im sorry). Doctors had high hopes about getting rid of some of the stuff hes on, some of the meds and such, but is all a slow process so im just hoping he gets better soon.

Concert. We had a BLAST! A local band from Lincoln, Killigans, Rehab and of course Flogging Molly we’re the highlights of the night. Not so much with the $9 Gyros, but hey i was hungry and they said they were hot and spicy (and they were NOT! The peppers i got on the side, were!) In short, it was a great show and just a good time all around! It was great to see Dace and Tiff again, beings as they live way to far away to hang out with every weekend, it was damn good to stay with them. In closing, if you ever get a chance to see Flogging Molly live, do it!

This is Nova, signing off from this rapidly aging mac mini.


Redesigned Once Again!

So, Got bored and decided it was time to redesign the old blog once again. I’ve recently recoded and returned to using myspace in addition to facebook and twitter. Yes, I’ve become a social networking whore. Something interesting about finding people I knew in high school or didn’t know that well. People who remember me from way back when and people who used to drink with me when I saw best through a bottle! Remembering these times and people who have been a part of my lack luster life is some how important and I say this: Just remember the good times from back in the day as you make new good times today.
Well thats really all i got for now, going to try to get a cross town ride in before it rains!
Nova OUT!!


Bloging…. for me or not

Sorry I havent updated again for some time, just trying to deal with issues beyond my control at times. Yeah, Zach is doing well, moving along nicely and where he should be for his current age. I will hopefuly have a place of my own soon to hang out in and do more networking and maybe even get some of my art up on the blog.

That is if anyone even reads. I know theres nothing of importance here, but if you just happen to stop buy, and maybe even know who the hell I am, drop a comment and let me know!! I swear any traffic coming here is just me checking traffic!

Anyhow, if theres any ideas for stuff that could be done, let me know, hell Im just wasting time as creatively or uncreatively as possible!!


Noob Sauce Thrusday!!

Come join us for NST in Call of Duty 4 multiplayer! IP:, Normal port.

NST Rules:
No Simi or Fully Auto Weapons (SMGs, LMGs, and most of the Assult Rifles excluding G3 and M14, which is how you can rock a noob tube).

Rock the perks most servers kick people for, Last stand, marty, nade x3, noob tubes, and special x3!

SHOTGUNS! The soul of the Noob, shotguns are what we WANT to see, GOLD ones if you have them!!

Play like its your first day!!!!!

Find out more about us in Steam Groups, [GoMFL]

Frag ya later!!


Zackary Micheal Cynova

Ladies and Gentlemen please join me in welcoming to the world, my son, Zackary Micheal Cynova.Born July 5th at 12:29 am in Lincoln, NE, 2 months premature, in the birthing center at St Elizabeth Regional Medical Center. Mother and son are doing as best as they can. Zach will be up there 6 to 8 weeks to go to full term the nurses told me. I’ll have some video up later via my YouTube account and i’ll link it here. I hope to have more pictures in a few weeks of him out of Darth Vader mode and more into baby mode. More as it happens folks, life just got really intersting!

I’m gonna do one whinny thing and say the right to name my son was taken from me (as it was an agreement pre divorce filing) that I would get to name him. So if I had my wish, his name was going to orginally be Logen. But hey, I cant always have the final say.


Facebook, Epic Ganking, iTunes abuse, and Fireworks!

Been a long week of not doing a damn thing here so lets ULEASH THE FURY!!

Been your average week of work and gaming, filled in with lawn mowing and writing (I’m working 3 different comic ideas!). Got my “Here’s more money from us, please fix our mess” check from our fantastic government and with it, a very sweet upgrade to my Vista box’s monitor! I’m now rocking a 19″ Widescreen from LG. Plus I still have money to spare!!!

Pryo patch came out for TF2 and The [GoMFL] guys and I ganked us some new fire issues. Speaking of fire, its that time of year folks, TIME TO BLOW UP A WATERMELON!!! More on that later next week.

I abused some of my communication privileges this week and used the fairly sweet ipod touch itunes store to start buying various albums, off break time! Quick review, the new Shinedown album….. BUY IT! This one blows the second album away (granted that wouldn’t take much, but its the principle of the notion or some shit like that).

And Finally…. Facebook. I’ve been playing with this social networking tool for a while now and some how amassed 120 f*#king app requests in a 3 month span! Much like real life, I ONLY HAVE 5 FRIENDS!! DAMN! I kid, I have at least 14 real friends 😉 ! So I finally sat down and added them all so I can go to the home page and not see that GARGANTUAN list of requests I had!

Thats about it for now folks, more pictures and a new (much better video than the last one) video with exploding watermelon coming soon.


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